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Data Visualization

Welcome to the new data visualization page! This is the place where I will use visuals to explain what each data designed article means. When it comes to data visualization, it’s important to relay the information in a concise and accessible way, otherwise we lose the meaning and purpose of the design.

Visualizing data can be tricky. Depending on the chosen medium, you will have a certain amount of flexibility to work with. Trying to combine data with beadwork has its own set of restrictions because there are certain beading patterns you have to follow (brick stitch, peyote stitch, etc.). Compare this to drawing or painting where you have a blank canvas and you can make a mark wherever you desire. There is no preset or grid with which you have to work with, but in beading there is. As a result, I often use the number of beads to represent a population and color to denote a shared characteristic of that population.

Click on the images below to explore the information behind each data designed piece. I hope you enjoy discovering the data and that this will help relay the meaning behind each design.

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