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Diversity Outdoors Earrings

These data designed earrings use the 2011 National Park visitor surveys to share a glimpse into how homogenous the outdoors is. There are 300 beads total representing the population that answered questions regarding race on surveys. The color of the beads represents a racial group that visited the National Parks. Please see the color legend. 

Hover over the ‘+’ icons in the image below for more details.

What Races Visited the US National Parks in 2011?

Asian 2%
Native American

Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders make up less than 1% of visitors so aren't represented in the design.

White visitors - Peony Pink
95% of total (285 beads)

Asian visitors - White
2% of total (6 beads)

Native American visitors - Marigold
2% of total (6 beads)

Black visitors - Blue
1% of total (3 beads)


White Visitors
Peony Pink // White

Asian Visitors
White // Black

Native American Visitors
Marigold // Topaz

Black Visitors
Blue // Gold


Data source can be found here.
This product is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the National Park Service.


5% of your purchase will be donated to Wild Diversity.

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